Capital Lender is particularly known for its credit cards. However, the bank not only offers different credit cards, but also different credit products. The bank’s portfolio currently includes an uncomplicated loan for the self-employed and freelancers and a car loan for private borrowers.

The scope of the product is supplemented by changing promotions, which enable, for example, the redemption of an installment or disposition loan. The range of services is supplemented by credit insurance.

Capital Lender Bank credit for self-employed and freelancers

Capital Lender Bank credit for self-employed and freelancers

Capital Lender is one of the few credit providers that also provide credit for the self-employed and freelancers. Characteristic of the Capital Lender Bank credit for self-employed and freelancers is a very high degree of flexibility. The loan product can be used for both business and personal purposes. The fixed-rate offer for new Capital Lender customers also applies to self-employed borrowers. Only a tax proof of income is required to apply for the loan.

With the Capital Lender Bank loan, the borrower can not only secure a free special repayment, but also optionally apply for an increase in the loan. No further processing costs are charged by the bank for the provision of the loan. New customers of the bank can secure a particularly low effective annual interest rate, which is only 4.75%. The effective interest rate applies to all offers of 1000-5000 USD with a term of 12-36 months. Loan amounts from $ 10000-35000 are offered at identical interest rates with a term of 48-60 months.

Capital Lender Bank loan – car loan for individuals

Capital Lender Bank loan - car loan for individuals

As an alternative to traditional dealer financing, the Capital Lender car loan is ideal. The credit product is permitted for new cars, used cars and motorcycles. The application can be made quickly and easily by the borrower over the Internet. An immediate decision and a quick payment are just as significant for the loan product as the low fixed interest rates for new customers.

By using the Capital Lender car loan, the borrower may even get a discount from the dealer if he makes use of the option of paying in cash. The Kfz letter remains the property of the borrower for the entire term. Loan amounts between 1-9000 are with a 12-36 Montan term at a fixed interest rate of 4.75% eff. offered. A relatively low interest rate can also be called up for large loan amounts of between 10,000 and 35,000 USD, where borrowing is effective from 6.49%. possible.

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